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You Make Me Feel Like I Live In A Keira Knightley Film | Nicole + Adam’s Wedding Film at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden in Pittsburgh, PA

Probably one of the dreamiest wedding films I’ve ever captured, that has all the feels of a Keira Knightley movie! 

Nicole & Adam’s wedding was held at the exquisite Phipps Conservatory, where the surroundings are just as lush as the love shared between them.

The gorgeous mix of greens and vibrant florals created a magical atmosphere that you could feel through my lens. Every detail was captured, resulting in a unique wedding film that truly reflected Nicole + Adam’s love story.

When Nicole + Adam reached out to me to capture their love story, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a part of a real-life romance that seems straight out of the pages of a Jane Austen novel, right? 

Their wedding day was like stepping onto a movie set – romance, drama, and plenty of swoon-worthy moments. There was that magical ceremony in the Phipps secret garden, where the sunbeams perfectly framed their eager grins, as if scripted by Richard Curtis himself.

But it wasn’t just the big moments that made this day feel like a Keira Knightley film; it was the attention to detail that truly made it a cinematic masterpiece. Nicole + Adam infused their love for all things vintage into every aspect of their wedding, from the beautiful linens to the choreographed first dance that felt like a scene from every period piece movie. 

The joy and genuine happiness radiating from Nicole + Adam throughout the day was nothing short of infectious. It was like watching two people falling in love all over again, just like your favorite scene from Love Actually. And let’s not forget about their dance moves! It was a party in the garden with the live band playing all afternoon.

And, let’s not forget, the Millie’s Coffee ‘N’ Creamery cameo! I’m all about making your day special and doing something different, special, and unique. The more “out there”, the more I love it 🤩

Check out the film here!

As I pieced together their wedding film, it hit me: these moments, these genuine connections, are what make my job so darn special. It’s the opportunity to capture love stories that feel like they were ripped straight from the big screen and immortalize them in cinematic bliss. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

My approach to wedding videography is all about capturing the couple’s personality and their special relationship. Every couple has their unique story to tell, and my custom wedding films always ensure that each love story is showcased in a special way. 

As a wedding filmmaker, I make sure that every film that I create has a modern and trendy feel to it. But what sets me apart is my ability to add a bit of quirkiness and heart to every video, making them authentic, relatable, and just full of love.

So, if you’re dreaming of a wedding day that rivals all your favorite rom-coms, let’s chat! Whether you’re a Keira Knightley fan or more of an Adam Sandler aficionado, I’m here to turn your love story into your own blockbuster movie masterpiece. Reach out on my contact page!

**M20 Media is a licensed drone pilot with FAA Part 107 certification. Permits were acquired for the filming.

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